Legalsounds Review

What is Legalsounds

Legalsounds is a Russian music download site that charges 9¢ per song. All downloads are in MP3 format and in some cases, you can get an entire album for less than a dollar.

Payment Options

LegalSounds charges 9¢ per mp3, but you cannot pay per download. The smallest payment increment is $30, but if you don’t download within a certain small time period, you lose. Also if you have a credit and tell them you don’t want to download any more, they refuse to return it.

Music Selection

Browsing the catalogue is not very user-friendly and the website is rather slow. They have about one million songs and although Legalsounds includes many major artists and labels, the selection on those artist is hit-and-miss.

Customer Service

Legalsounds offers support by email, but it ends there. There is no FAQs page, support telephone number or even an online tutorial to help you understand how to best use the site. If you need help from this site, the only option is to wait for a response by email.

Is LegalSounds legal?

Legalsounds is legal in Russia, that is it. It is legal only because of some loophole in Russian “law.” Websites like this are basically posting material that can be found on p2p/torrent sites and charging people for it. They are taking content without permission (it also isn’t theirs to sell) and selling it. These Russian websites are ripping people off by charging for content that is mostly from torrent sites.

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